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Entry: Captain's log, stardate -317357.36:

I'm sick of my old "bio" (which can be found here). Unfortunately, in a lot of ways, I can't change the old me, and therefore, there's really no "new me". (But change is not impossible. I'm all for personal development and self improvement -- when the mood takes me).

Today, on my 5th anniversary, as I update this, I realise this is just another LJ entry. I don't even feel bothered to "explain" to people what I'm here for, or about. 5 years of LJ, and I feel like a spent force. I'm still meandering about, feeling largely that my life is unfulfilled, and strangely, I don't really care anymore. Living each day as it comes rather suits me for now.

But anyway, I do care about a lot of other things still - such as food, art, politics, holidays. (I use this platform to mainly document events and items that interest me, throw in my jaundiced views about them, and really, anything that takes my fancy at the time). I've decided, although people interest me, I don't generally like "people" (as in the whole of the human mass on this planet) -- so sue me!


LJ motto (which I've just made up, right now): "Don't judge me and I won't judge you"

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