Keith (keith_london) wrote,

Hate trumps Love

So much for that glib slogan 'Love trumps Hate'. Quite the reverse, when hate-filled anarchists protest, sometimes violently, because they didn't get their way in a democratic election. So much for wonderful leadership from Hillary. She may be, as Trump points out, smart and put up a great fight, but she is rubbish as far as leadership goes. I have not heard her come out to condemn the protesters. I hate left-wing so-called liberals. They have a narrow agenda that precludes any viewpoint that does not fit into their worldview. In the UK none of that lot protested outside the Russian embassy when they bombed civilians in Syria. Putin seems to be getting quite an easy ride, compared to what Bush received when they were trying to put things right in Iraq.

I'm so happy that Trump won. Hope he wins another term as well. It's a delight to see all those 'liberals' choke with anger because democracy won!

I can't wait to see Hillary in jail. She's so toxic, as is Obama. Utterly cruel in their inaction - she over Benghazi and he, Syria.
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