Keith (keith_london) wrote,

'Love Trumps Hate'

What a stupid inane slogan! What I have observed of Hillary is that she is dishing out HATE in spades - inciting hatred against Trump, constantly making sweeping allegations, resorting to dredging out 70's alleged misdemeanors of Trump to assassinate his character, and constantly implying that Trump followers (of which make up nearly half the electorate) are somehow dangerous, misguided, racist people filled with hate. Hillary, when they go low, you have gone even lower! She seems so desperate for power, and what a lame excuse to say she wants it to defend 8 years of Obama. She wants it for herself. She pretends that she will continue to be Obama's puppet, but I'm afraid if she ever gets into power, she'll just do her own thing, possibly extending the Clinton agenda. She lecture about "respect for the law", yet she has show utter disrespect for the law over the emails scandal. I'm for "Hillary for PRISON"!
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