Keith (keith_london) wrote,

US Presidential Debate (II)

"America is beginning to look like a cartoon" - exasperated American voter (as seen on BBC News)

I thought he did very well, in spite of all the goading from holier-than-thou Hilary. Trump's campaign did not implode as many might have liked. The media are portraying Hilary as the one that tries to keep to the issues, but watch her closely, she is super-toxic, in never missing an opportunity to use Trump's 11-year old 'locker-room' banter against him. This is not surprising, from someone who has relied on underhand tactics to 'win' the Democratic primaries to become the Democratic nominee for president. It's really sad to see that from a supposedly seasoned politician with 30 years' experience going so low, when she really should be going high (as advised by her 'friend' Michelle Obama, the same who took out vicious attack ads on Hilary 8 years ago). She didn't have much to say when confronted by the issue of women (allegedly) abused by her husband Bill, and her (alleged) role in silencing those women. If she's so indignant over Trump's ill-advised and indefensible private remarks about women (which he has apologised for), then she should be equally tough on her own husband's indiscretions - but she is not, which makes her an anti-feminist hypocrite. Trump's offence against women were just words, whereas Bill's actions are, if true, actual physical abuse against women. I believe Trump when he calls Hilary a liar. Why would you destroy 33000 emails from your private email account after being subpoena-ed? She didn't have a satisfactory answer to that, which makes her a liar in my view. (Recall how she mis-spoke all those years ago during her campaign vs Obama, when she claimed she came under gunfire when frying into an airport in some war-zone.) Trump is so right about many of his charges against her and Obama, including the failure of Obamacare and the Obama administration's creation of a power vacuum when they refused to intervene in Syria. Expect more of the same should she get the reins of power.

P.S. I really like the idea of Hilary in prison! (as suggested by Trump)

  • The New York Times Transcript of the Second Debate
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