Keith (keith_london) wrote,


I'm very pleased that Donald Trump has won the Republican nomination as their presidential candidate, and sincerely hope he can beat Hilary Clinton and become the next president of the USA. As for the Obamas, they surely have good career prospects in the comedy and light entertainment business, especially Obama as a joker. Michelle delivers a good song, so she could be on America's Got Talent, perhaps. And maybe as a speech writer for Melena Trump! (A jolly good speech I thought! I like the bit where she said - I paraphrase - 'you are only limited by the reach of your dreams'.. )

I'm also very pleased that not only does the UK now have a female Prime Minister, but also in Theresa May, we see a bit of Margaret Thatcher mark II, as tenacious and brutal when needed, but yet with a better presentation of the caring side of "social conservativism" (think that's what they call it), meaning a better focus on social justice. I am sure she will tell Nicola Sturgeon, jumped-up 'First Minister' of a tiny country Scotland, (that pretends it's so important to still be within the EU, yet had they been successful in their campaign to leave the UK they would necessarily have been out of the EU then). Who else? Jeremy Corbyn is essentially toast. How he struggles on pathetically to cling on to power as a Labour leader overwhelmingly unwanted by his own parliamentary party, and even more so by the British public at large. Get out, a-hole!
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