Keith (keith_london) wrote,


“Islam is a religion of peace” -- Pedro Julio Serrano, as heard on Newsnight. The guy instead turns his invective on Trump. This is what I don't understand. idiots like him are so quick to blame Trump, and yet let religion off the hook all too easily. Mindless people keep asserting that this or that religion is "a religion of peace" without offering any evidence, and almost like wishful thinking. Yes, there may well be muslims who are peaceful and want peace. But a religion that in its extreme form prescribes hatred (and worse) for gays cannot be free from blame. I also wonder how long before chatter turns from homophobia (of which the Orlando massacre is a consequence) to the usual charge of "islamophobia". Trump does have a point. We need to be more vigilant, tougher, and smarter. How has America become safer under the cowardly rule of Obama, who refuses to take the battle to ISIS? Instead, the battle seems to be fought in dribs and drabs in the US homeland, by evil, maladjusted, fanatical killers who have easy access to legally purchased rifle and handgun. I don't remember that many radical islam influenced killings in the US under George W Bush (seems to be golden years in comparison!) And why are Obama and CLinton so afraid to call it for what it is - radical islam - which we must all - right minded muslims included - fight and abolish entirely.
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