Keith (keith_london) wrote,

Trump Inauguration and DAY 1

So happy to see Trump as president, and so glad that Obama has gone.

Very sad to see all these very silly people protesting about a democratically elected president who has yet to prove himself. And please, women's rights? Laughable really, to see a religiously head-scarfed woman protesting, when her freedom seems curtailed more by her religion (and possibly men in her religion) than whatever Trump could possibly have done against women's rights. Grow up, and get a life, you stupid protestors!

Funny old world, when people should really protest against Obama for being such a do-nothing president, and for blood on his hands in regard to Syrians being slaughtered by Assad.

By the way, I'm really warming to First Lady Melania Trump! She looks so beautiful, dignified and elegant, and with such a wonderful sense of fashion. I'll be watching her. Do people really think that a woman like her would marry and have children with a misogynist? Come on people, get real (and grow up!)
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