Keith (keith_london) wrote,

US Presidential Debate (III)

"Such a nasty woman" -- Donald Trump (re: Hillary Clinton)

So true! She is really nasty, and persistently attacking on personality issues, when she should really be providing a vision of how she could improve as president, and how she could achieve that vision. Sadly, she had 30 years and not apparently attempted during this time to address some of the problems she identified (e.g. her claims that Donald hadn't paid any federal taxes). Well, I'm glad she is nasty, because she probably is dishing out hell onto her pathetic alleged women-abueer husband Bill. I really would like Trump to win, shake things up a bit, but alas, a lot is going against Trump, and it would be a miracle if he did win. Best plan is to let her win, let her mess up big time by giving more of the same Obama rubbish government, and then get her out in 2020.

I genuinely liked her in 2008, but now detest her, because she isn't living up to much of what she claims she stands for. "When they go low you go high" - my ass! She went low, and then even lower! I'm also pleased that her toxicity is also punishing a substantial chunk of her party - those who supported Bernie Sanders, who absolutely loathe her - and I can see why.
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