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Brussels Attacks

What has Belgium or anyone done to deserve such atrocities? No root causes (so loved by so-called "Stop the war" activists) need be found here, just mass murder and cruelty, pure and simple, wreaked on helpless civilians. As remarked by BBC's Gordon Corera @gordoncorera, “They are very clearly going for maximum civilian casualty.”

BBC News: Brussels explosions: Many dead in airport and metro terror attacks


The Belgian PM said, “What we feared has happened.“ At least 26 people have been killed in two separate attacks on Zaventem airport and Maelbeek Metro station in the city. The explosions come days after the arrest of Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam. Transport operator says its people have died and 55 people are injured in the explosion at Maelbeek Metro station. Belgian media says 11 people died and 55 people have been injured after two explosions at the departure hall of Zaventem airport (which caused the ceiling to cave in). Belgian federal prosecutors have described the explosions at the airport and metro as “terrorist attacks”, and that the attach at Zaventem airport was a suicide attack. There have been reports of "shouting in Arabic" just prior to the explosions. Belgium’s Interior Minister says the government has increased the nation’s terror alert to io the highest level. Brussels airport is closed, and Brussels airport official says all flights have been cancelled and flights are being diverted. Belgium is sending 225 extra troops to Brussels following the explosions.

French Interior Minister says the country will deploy 1600 additional police officers at borders and on transport. Gatwick airport says it has increased security and Heathrow spokesman says it is working with police to provide a “high visibility presence”. Francois Hollande says a war against terrorism is being fought by all of Europe.

Britain’s most senior counter terrorism officer says police have increased their presence at key locations across the UK. UK Foreign Office are advising British citizens to avoid crowded areas in the city and follow the advice of Belgian police authorities. Boris Johnson has said there could be at least one casualty from the UK. Any concerned family and friends should contact 00 44 207 008 0000

  • Brussels Airport extends its deepest sympathy to the friends and relatives of the victims

    Brussels Airport extends its deepest sympathy to the friends and relatives of the victims of the explosions in the departures hall earlier this morning. At 8am two explosions occured in the departures hall. The emergency and rescue services are on the scene and are offering the necessary assistance. All flights at Brussels Airport today are cancelled. Passengers are requested to contact their airline for further instructions. The airport authorities are asking to avoid the surroundings of the airport. Questions about family or friends at the airport? Call (0032) (0)2/753 73 00
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